Dec 17 2016

How good at you at sparring? What’s your strategy??

It’s been a few years since I fought hard in competition. I guess it’s because at 38 years old, I’m over the hill and considered an old man. However, it still doesn’t mean that I’ve lost the ring experience that I’ve gained over the course of my fighting career. If given the chance, I’ll still glove up and fight…but just not like I used to and still have fun doing it. I train others more these days. Back in my “fighting days”, I wasn’t really into “point” style sparring. Although I think it’s a great tool to master, it wasn’t for me. I’m more of a continuous, bout style sparring competitor. Read more »

Dec 08 2016

Kids & Sparring

Sparring is an important aspect of martial art training for kids (and adults) because it gives experience in two critical areas: timing and distance. The full range of martial art techniques can be practiced through forms, or prearranged sets, but forms cannot teach timing or distance. Sparring practice is therefore highly recommended if martial arts is to be practical for real self-defense, and most kids soon learn to enjoy it. Read more »

May 02 2016

Injuries & Martial Arts

Martial arts class. It’s fun, intense and you learn something new every day. Then you come home and ice or apply ointment on every joint in your body. Sound familiar? It was to me at one point… Read more »

Feb 29 2016

Ability, Opportunity, Jeopardy

Before you read this article, please do not just take my word, or anyone else’s word, about any of these legal issues. I AM NOT A LAWYER and THIS ARTICLE IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE. You should look up your own state laws and do your own research about how those laws apply to you. If you do not understand anything, ask a qualified expert in your own state law to explain the statutes to you. This stuff is way too serious to simply trust the word of some guy on the ‘net. LOOK IT UP YOURSELF. Read more »

Jun 22 2015

Can You Be Obese AND A Martial Artist?

Someone recently asked me this question since I recently got into fitness but I’m also a life long martial artist. To me the question is the same as asking, can you be obese AND a personal trainer? Read more »