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Dec 17 2016

How good at you at sparring? What’s your strategy??

It’s been a few years since I fought hard in competition. I guess it’s because at 38 years old, I’m over the hill and considered an old man. However, it still doesn’t mean that I’ve lost the ring experience that I’ve gained over the course of my fighting career. If given the chance, I’ll still glove up and fight…but just not like I used to and still have fun doing it. I train others more these days. Back in my “fighting days”, I wasn’t really into “point” style sparring. Although I think it’s a great tool to master, it wasn’t for me. I’m more of a continuous, bout style sparring competitor. Read more »

May 07 2013

Ed Parker System repetitive?

Last week one of my students pointed out that as he is progressing through the system, he’s noticing that there is a lot of similarities in techniques….questioning why things are so repetitive. Ed Parker laid out his system in a fashion that was meant to not only cover a variety of attacks but in a way that was meant to grow the student and continually build upon what he learned before. Just like a baby crawls before walking, American Kenpo teaches you what you need in order to take your first steps and then get you running at full speed. Read more »

Mar 25 2013

I’m sorry I lost and disappointed you…

Anybody that is involved with martial arts competition has either heard this before or told this to somebody… and it is pure B.S. Nothing frustrates me more than when I hear a student step onto the mats/ring and misinterprets his/her loss for complete failure. I don’t blame them, I have been the victim of these misplaced feelings myself… but I was fortunate to have a good instructor that picked me up and reframed my mindset so I was able to grow from the experience and become a champion of the tournaments I went to. So what did my instructor tell me and what did I do? Let me share with you my perspective on losing. Read more »

Jan 24 2013

The student who saved me.

Last night I promoted one of my Jr students to brown belt, Christopher Canales. Not only was it a huge night for him because I know how hard he’s been working on it, but it was also a very emotional night for me as well. I want to tell you a little story about him that not very many people know. Read more »

Jan 08 2013

How proficient are you in your Kenpo or martial art?

This is in relation to a posting that I submitted on my facebook page the other day asking about how proficient you think you are in your martial arts. Now I’m not saying that I’m the best and that I claim to be the best and everything always works for me. I’m just as vulnerable as the rest of us. I’m not super human nor can I beat up EVERYBODY who comes my way. I’m realistic and I know what I’m capable of doing. I have been in alot of fights; I have also been in numerous violent confrontations (unfortunately) and all I can say is that I have been lucky to be able to  do what I needed to do or manage to get myself out of danger, one way or another. Read more »