May 25 2015

Why Women Don’t Learn Self-Defense (But Should!)

Women’s self-defense, as we can all admit, is an important subject. But unless you are a celebrity instructor, have an amazing marketing team or wide access to women with a lot of time on their hands, chances are, you’ll have only a small-to-moderate turnout. Read more »

Aug 19 2014

Sport or Martial Art?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with practicing martial arts for sport. It’s a great way to stay in shape, and it’s definitely fun. Where else is it legal to throw someone over your shoulder? What is important to know from a critical thinking perspective is the difference between the sport side and the martial arts side. The line is fuzzy and hard to see sometimes, but with a little thought it is easy to differentiate the two. Read more »

Mar 31 2014

Arguments from Authority

Learning from authority is perhaps the way to learn when you are a child. After all, you are dependent on others for survival. Every day, you are taught by teachers and parents, and you believe that they do in fact know what they are talking about because you have considerable evidence that they are right, and well, they’re supposed to know. Read more »

Mar 03 2014

Using Critical Thinking in the Classroom

The importance of critical thinking for everyday life is difficult to overemphasize. This is especially true now, because the confluence of modern technology and the media has created a virtual explosion of knowledge accessible to practically everyone in any reasonably advanced society. Read more »

Jan 27 2014

Martial Arts VS Real Fighting

It is not uncommon for people to take martial arts lessons for years and still not be able to use their arts in real situations outside the training hall. Why is that? The response to an attack must be simple, direct and practical, blending different fighting approaches for realistic self protection. When a criminal attacks you on the street, he does not care about your style, rank or who your teacher is. Read more »